How To Make Paneer Chilli | Indo Chinese Recipe | The Bombay Chef - Varun Inamdar

  • 7 years ago
Paneer Chilli is a must have Indo-Chinese appetizer for all the vegetarians. It is evolved from the Chicken Chilli where the meat is replaced with soft Paneer (cottage cheese).


Yellow Capsicum
Red Capsicum
Green Capsicum
Red Onion

For Batter:

Refined Flour
Rice Flour
Corn Flour
Dark Soy Sauce
Black Pepper Powder


Dice the capsicums into rough traingles after removing the cap and the seeds. Cut the red onion in 6 pieces. Take the ginger and garlic and chop both into fine julians. Slice the green chillies in thick slices after removing the caps. Take the cottage cheese and cut it into cubes gently.


Take refined flour, rice flour, corn flour, salt, dark soy sauce, black pepper powder and water at room temperature and mix these ingredients with whisk.


Heat oil in a pan. Once the oil is hot take the Paneer cubes and dip them into the batter one by one and fry them in the oil till golden brown on all sides.


Add oil in a wok and heat it on a high flame. Once the oil is hot add the ginger, garlic and green chillies to it. Cook for 30-40 seconds. Add the capsicums and the onion and toss it in a wok. Keep the flame high all the time. Add the fried Paneer cubes after a few seconds and toss them on high flame. Add salt to taste, dark soy sauce, freshly ground black pepper and give it a quick toss. Add some fresh coriander leaves and give it a quick final toss.

Voila! Paneer Chilli is ready to be served.

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