The Fracturing of Latter Rain - Episode 32 William Branham Research Podcast

  • 7 months ago
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In this episode, Charles and John examine the sudden fracturing of Latter Rain into various splinter groups, some of which play significant roles in the creation of the New Apostolic Reformation.

We discuss:
* The conflicts leading up to the divisions in Latter Rain
* The Assemblies of God resolution, which caused the largest fracture
* The aftermath of the Assemblies of God denouncing Latter Rain as heresy
* The major divisions and leaders of those divisions
* The decline of interest in William Branham's revival ministry
* Jim Jones and Joseph Mattsson-Boze salvaging Branham's ministry
* The Shepherding Movement
* The Assembly of the Body of Christ Movement
* The birth of "The Message" as a cult of personality instead of a movement