Faked Prophecy - Maginot Line Vision by William Branham

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In September of 1958, William Branham began claiming to have seen a vision, in his already established "1933 prophecies", of the "German" building of the Maginot line. Branham often described this vision as being "a wall", which is one of the primary reasons that researchers believe this prophecy to be faked rather than false. Not only did William Branham introduce this alleged prophecy over two decades after his alleged vision, many of the details of the Maginot Line for which it was "prophesied" are incorrect, including its timeline and description.

According to Branham, the alleged "vision" came to him eleven years prior to the construction of the defensive line, yet both fortification lines existed in 1933 at the time when Branham claimed to have had the vision. The Siegfried line existed during World War I, which ended in 1918, so one can only assume that William Branham was originally attempting to claim prophecy on the Maginot Line but was unaware that it was the fortification built by France. The original Siegfried Line was built by Germany as a section of the Hindenburg Line from 1916–1917 in northern France.

The Siegfried Line was referred to as the "West Wall" simply due to its location but was not actually a wall. The Germans extended and enhanced the "West Wall" during the 1930s by adding a series of bunkers which the Allied soldiers referred to as "pill boxes" due to the Germans being packed into them so tightly. The Siegfried Line also consisted of a series of foundations for FlaK turrets, dugouts, and a series of concrete blocks referred to as "dragon's teeth" or "pimples" to block tanks from crossing.

As William Branham began to correct himself on the name of the defensive line for the alleged vision, using "Siegfried" instead of "Maginot", he also began to transfer the theme of false security to the Siegfried Line. He claimed (falsely) that Hitler "moved his headquarters" to the Siegfried Line due to this false sense of security. Hitler did move his headquarters temporarily, but it was to Poland and then back to his Berlin bunker.

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