The Failed Vision of Jean Thompson - Thus Saith the Lord or William Branham

  • 2 years ago
Jane "Jean" Dyer Thompson (1922-1963) was a pianist for the Church of the Open Door who entered William Branham's healing revivals to be cured of cancer. According to Branham, the Church had converted to the "Full Gospel" during the Latter Rain version of Branham's stage persona and came to the meetings allegedly against her father's wishes. In January of 1963, William Branham claimed to have seen a vision of Jean in which she was much older with gray hair, and pronounced her healing as "Thus Saith the Lord".

According to Branham, Jean had a "chocolate tumor", and the doctor allegedly "spilled some of it" when he performed the initial surgery. Though Branham said that some of the cells were malignant, a "chocolate tumor" (chocolate cyst) is not cancerous. Jean met with William Branham just before a colonoscopy, and Branham comforted Jean by saying that he had received a vision from the Lord. Branham instructed Jean to go home rejoicing for her healing and assured her that God had let him know that she would be cured of her cancer.

Sadly, Branham's source that informed him that her condition was a "chocolate cyst" was misinformed, and Jean's cancer was instead terminal ovarian cancer. Her condition continued to worsen after her "healing", and just months after Branham's alleged vision Jean died. Her death certificate lists the cause of death as "Recurrent cancer of the ovary with widespread abdominal metastasis."

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