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William Branham’s Abandoned Prophecies

Around 1953, William Branham began claiming to have had a set of seven prophecies twenty years in the past. To his religious cult following, these are referred to as “The 1933 Prophecies,” and most cult members claim that there were seven of them. Over time, and as Branham altered his stage persona to become more appealing to itching ears, many of these prophecies shifted, changed, and were even removed from the list of “seven”.

Two of the most interesting of those prophecies removed were Branham’s claim that God spoke to him and instructed him not to eat eggs or live in a valley. These two commandments, allegedly given by vision, were at one time in the series of “1933 prophecies” which ultimately described total destruction. Yet William Branham and his family never obeyed God’s command. William Branham never stopped eating eggs, and though many of his cult members may have after hearing his alleged doomsday prophecy he claimed to have had decades in the past, a vast majority of cult members eat eggs today. Branham also lived in the Ohio River Valley city of Jeffersonville until the early 1960s, and both cult headquarters and his son — the central figure of his cult of personality today — live and are located in the Ohio River Valley today.

When Branham’s son took his throne as the central figure, a large migration of Branham’s cult of personality occurred. Many people from all parts of the world moved to Jeffersonville, the cult’s “Mecca” in the valley. Yet most of them are fully unaware that William Branham claimed that God spoke through him instructing them not to.

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