William Branham's Failed India Prophecy

  • 2 years ago
In 1954, William Branham prophesied that his upcoming revival tour in India would result in such an overwhelming success that people in America would hear of tens of thousands times thousands being saved. According to Branham, it was “Thus saith the Lord”, and he wrote it in his Bible. It was predicted to be such an overwhelming success that Branham’s revivals were allegedly how the “Gospel” would spread throughout India “just overnight”.

This prophecy never came to pass, and tens of millions were not converted to Branham’s version of Christianity as the Lord allegedly spoke through Branham. In 1957, Branham was forced to admit the failure, and did so during a sermon entitled “India Trip Report”. According to Branham, God failed because of the travel itinerary. He was “supposed to go to Africa first and then India” — which wasn’t quite true. In 1957 during a sermon entitled “I Stand at the Door and Knock”, Branham noted that the vision stated that he would go to Africa first and then India.

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