Sex Glands: William Branham Cult Theology

  • 2 years ago
Similar to the Gnostic groups that Irenaeus mentioned in “Against Heresies”, William Branham considered human sex glands to be "filthy". In his Creation Theology, these glands were not in the original human design from the Garden of Eden since (according to that theology) women were “not in the original creation”. Branham claimed that women were “designed by satan” for the purpose of “deceiving men”, and apparently the human reproductive system was part of Satan’s evil design.

From a biological standpoint, William Branham did not fully understand sex glands or their purpose. Branham claimed that the human sex glands were in the lips, and considered kissing to be a “sex act”. Teenage members of his cult following were forbidden to kiss until after marriage, because according to Branham, they would have been having sex by kissing and (even though not yet married) “committing adultery”.

His misunderstanding of the human anatomy also presented another strange problem. Kisses on the hands were not forbidden. According to Branham, this was OK, because the sex gland was instead coming in contact with the other person’s hand. ...which raises all sorts of questions.

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