William Branham's Failed Prophecies_ The Bridge

  • 2 years ago
William Branham's Failed Prophecies: The Bridge Leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation give reverence to William Branham as a healer and “prophet” who went astray. Men whose ministries have flourished into multi-million-dollar businesses as a result of the foundation Branham laid stand much to gain by lifting him up, and much to lose by critically examining him. Not only did William Branham give false testimony about his alleged healings, such as Donny Morton, many of his alleged “prophecies” appear to also be inaccurate and false testimonies given after the “prophesied” event.Branham claimed that every detail in his visions were accurate and could be verified by men in Jeffersonville. If not, he said, he would wear a sign stating, “false prophet”. NAR leaders also claim the same about Branham but never examine the details. Branham claimed that as a child he had a vision of sixteen men die during construction of the George Rogers Clark Memorial bridge, and that their deaths would happen 22 years from this alleged vision. The bridge (which did not have sixteen deaths during construction) opened October 31, 1929, only 20 years after the 1909 version of Branham’s birth year – the version according to the stage persona which made this claim.

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