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Goth To Sexy Glam - How Will My Mum React? | TRANSFORMED

FABIENNE wears black clothes all day, everyday. The 22-year-old of Germany describes her style as “trad goth, death rock and dark romantic”. The only bit of colour she usually features in her look is a hint of pink or green in her hair. Fabienne draws inspiration from 80s and 90s goth looks and began dressing in this style after leaving school. Fabienne told Truly: “When I think about the looks of all the people around me, I just think that special looks give me some kind of superpower, like super confident. And I just can't imagine that these people have the same kind of confidence I have. I wouldn't switch my life with them.” Fabienne jokes that she looks more like a nun in her style, so how will she feel about changing into a look that turns up the heat? Fabienne said: “The opposite of my clothes would definitely be pink, something bright coloured and glitter, sexy, tight... Tanned and long blond hair, this is a nightmare.” With the help of a makeup artist, Fabienne will be removing the white face paint and Morticia Addams-inspired makeup, changing her hair and wearing a dress that shows a bit more of her figure. How will she react when she looks in the mirror? And what will her mum think when she sees her daughter in a colour other than black?
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