Lasaniya Batata | Green Garlic & Baby Potatoes Recipe | Gujarati Lasaniya Batata Recipe | Chef Ruchi

  • 2 months ago
Learn how to make Lasaniya Batata recipe at home with our Chef Ruchi

Here’s one of those Potato Recipes, which is a robust curry from the food repertoire of the vibrant state of Gujarat in western India. This Gujarati style Lasaniya Batata is a spicy and garlicky baby potatoes dish that is simple, yet loaded with flavors. Since the recipe also uses all plant-based ingredients, it is also a lovely vegan dish that can be easily made at home. Have it with your choice of Indian flatbreads, for a yummy, satisfying meal.

200 gms Baby Potatoes (boiled, peeled & cut into half)
Oil (for frying)
Water (for boiling)
150 gms Shallots (peeled)
2 Tomatoes
4 Kashmiri Dried Red Chillies (deseeded)
2 tbsp Oil
1 Bay Leaf
1 inch Cinnamon Stick
2 Cloves
¼ tsp Asafoetida
100 gms Green Garlic Cloves (pounded)
6-8 Curry Leaves
4 Green Chillies (chopped)
1 tsp Garam Masala Powder
½ tsp Raw Mango Powder
A pinch of Turmeric Powder
1 tsp Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder
A pinch of Sugar
Water (as required)
¼ cup Green Garlic Leaves (chopped)
Salt (as per taste)
Coriander Leaves (chopped)