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Kung Pao Chicken | A Basic Chinese Dish X The Woks of Life

In America, Kung Pao Chicken is sweet and gravy-heavy. But it’s not at all like that in China! Let’s learn to make the tangy Sichuanese version with a recipe from the latest cookbook by The Woks of Life, a popular Chinese food blog based in the U.S.

Recipe: https://gt4.life/kungpaochicken

Pre-order The Woks Of Life’s cookbook: https://thewoksoflife.com/pre-order-woks-of-life-cookbook/

This is the second episode of a brand new season of “A Basic Chinese Dish,'' where we teach you how to cook classic, simple dishes from China — so easy to make, they’re like learning your ABCDs.

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00:00 What is Kung Pao Chicken
00:50 Ingredients
01:02 How to cook it
03:49 Meet The Woks of Life

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Producer: Yoyo Chow
Videographer: Cliff Man, Jacky Suen
Editor: Ryan Putranto
Mastering: Victor Peña
Recipe: The Woks Of Life

#recipe #howto #KungPaochicken

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