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The Message Part 34: William Branham and Peoples Temple

This episode examines William Branham's connection to the formation, promotion, and growth of Peoples Temple. It begins with a brief history of the Laurel Street Tabernacle where Jones first began his "Full Gospel" ministry, the influence "Latter Rain" and "Voice of Healing" had on Jones' early career, Jones affiliation with men and business entities also affiliated with William Branham, and Jones' speaking engagements with editors of Branham's Voice of Healing publication. It also examines the Ku Klux Klan and white supremacy origins of the healing revival, Kardashian patriarch Tatos "Thomas" Kardashian's sponsorship, Branham's early meetings with Avak Hagopian, and his 1945 healing campaign. Last, it examines the situation created by a hostile church takeover that led to Jim Jones joining Branham's "Message" following, Rev. Joseph Mattsson-Boze and William Branham assisting Jones after the takeover and the birth of Peoples Temple. It explains the difficulty in finding this information after what appears to have been edited sermon recordings and transcripts and provides examples of Jim Jones hosting William Branham revivals outside of the state of Indiana.

Names discussed in this video:
• Rev. Jim Jones
• Peoples Temple
• Laurel Street Tabernacle
• Rev. Joseph Mattsson-Boze
• Rev. A. W. Rasmussen
• Rev. LeRoy Kopp
• T. F. Zimmerman
• Roy E. Wead
• Rev. John L. Price
• Jack Bream
• Rev. Lester Sumerall,
• Rev. D. B. Rickard
• Sharon Orphanage
• Krikor Arkelian
• Avak Hagopian
• Tatos "Thomas" Kardashian
• Kim Kardashian
• Rev. Clem Davies
• Rev. Gordon Lindsay
• Rev. Ern Baxter
• Demos Shakarian
• Rev. F. F. Bosworth
• Rev. Myrtle Beall
• Rev. Orvil Lee Jaggars
• Rev. W. L. Thornton
• Cadle Tabernacle
• Rev. T. L. Osborne
• Rev. Tommy Hicks

Topics discussed in this video:
• William Branham's "Handwriting on the Wall"
• Jeffersonville "Message" response to the "Raven"
• Origins of Laurel Street Tabernacle
• Assemblies of God background at Laurel Street Tabernacle
• Brief history of Rev. John L. Price
• "Latter Rain" split of Assemblies of God denomination
• "Latter Rain" doctrine of "Five-Fold Ministry"
• Apostate views of mainstream Christianity
• Assemblies of God 1949 resolution against "Latter Rain"
• Kardashian family influence on Healing Revival
• Ku Klux Klan and white supremacy influence on Healing Revival
• White Supremacist Clem Davies affiliation with William Branham
• Formation of business entities "Voice of Healing" and "Full Gospel Businessman's Association" to sponsor healing Revival
• Thousands of "healing" evangelists at Voice of Healing Conventions
• F. F. Bosworth's Indianapolis influence
• F. F. Bosworth's influence of Rev. John L. Price
• Jim Jones' early interest in "Latter Rain"
• Rev. Myrtle Beall inviting Jones to speak, and siding with Latter Rain side of AoG split
• Jones' invitation to speak at LeRoy Kopp's Calvary Temple with O. L. Jaggers
• Jaggers and Branham's unusual interest in UFOs
• Branham / Bosworth 1953 rev

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