Carbs on Carbs?! We Tried Doupi and Fried Buns in Wuhan | City Bites Wuhan Edition Ep2

  • last year
Walk into a random breakfast shop in Wuhan, and you’ll definitely find something called doupi. It’s like an egg roll stuffed with sticky rice and crunchy bamboo shoots. And if you’re still hungry, there’s always a fried bun to grab — that’s made to Wuhan’s love for carbs.

This is the second episode of City Bites, Wuhan edition, where we dive into the city’s unique food culture, and its roots.

0:00 Carbs, carbs, carbs
2:09 What is doupi?
6:04 Wuhan’s special fried bun
7:24 Why so much carbs?

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Producer: Lyn Yang
Videographer: JK Lou
Editor: César del Giudice
Animation: Stella Yoo
Narration: Tiffany Ip
Mastering: Victor Peña, César del Giudice