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Why People Fly Across the World for her Offal Congee | City Bites Shunde Edition Ep3

Unlike other Chinese cuisines, Cantonese food is all about savoring the main ingredients themselves. So how do they cook fish and pork offals so that customers taste their freshness? We hear from two chefs from Shunde, the heart of the Pearl River Delta.

This is the third episode of City Bites, where we dive into the food that’s unique to a Chinese city, and its roots.

0:00 Freshness and umami
0:58 Pork offal congee
3:33 Cooking fish the best way possible

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Producer: Lyn Yang
Videographers: Canrong Zhang, Cliff Man, Ryan Putranto
Editor: Hanley Chu
Animation: Stella Yoo
Narration: Dai Qian
Mastering: César del Giudice

#China #Cantonesefood #fish

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