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The Message Part 39: William Branham and the Assassination of John F Kennedy

Final episode. The ending of the journey examines the many connections between Roy E. Davis and his white supremacy groups to the investigation by the Secret Service and Federal Bureau of Investigation before and after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It also examines William Branham's firm position against Kennedy, alignment with the propaganda being spread by the white supremacy groups, and the impact the assassination appears to have had upon his ministry. Finally, it examines William Branham's death and the alleged concealment of facts surrounding the events leading to his death as claimed by his own daughter.

Names discussed in this video:
• Roy E. Davis, Sr.
• Leslie Douglas Ashley
• Oak Cliff White Citizens Council
• Dallas Indignant White Citizens Council
• Bobby Joiner
• Martin Luther King, Jr.
• William Joseph Simmons

Topics discussed in this video:
• William Branham in Texas while claiming to be in Arizona
• William Branham altering the dates in his own timeline
• Battle for Civil Rights as it moved into Dallas, TX
• Roy E. Davis membership and leadership in the Oak Cliff White Citizens Council in Dallas
• Davis' statements preferring death over "Negro" children in white schools
• High concentration of African-Americans in Dallas
• Dallas being ordered to integrate, and refusal to obey Federal law
• Davis being elected president to the Oak Cliff White Citizens Council during Branham's Dallas campaign
• Branham's racially-charged stories during the Dallas campaign
• Dallas Indignant White Citizens Council printing leaflets targeting President Kennedy shortly before the assassination
• Davis' membership in the Dallas Indignant White Citizens Council
• Davis' organization of demonstrations at the Trade Mart where the President was to speak
• Branham repeating the topics printed in the leaflets against President Kennedy
• Branham comparing Martin Luther King, Jr. to Hitler
• Branham claiming that Kennedy was "antichrist" for supporting Civil Rights
• Branham declaring "an exodus is at hand" and that those who sided with Kennedy were to be "excommunicated from the Word" shortly before the assassination
• Overview of Branham's many statements against Kennedy
• Assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the investigation that followed
• Secret Service investigation of Davis and his associates
• FBI learning that Davis had re-birthed the original 1915 Ku Klux Klan started by William Joseph Simmons
• "Verse Titles" applied to William Branham by his cult following
• William Branham starting the "Son of Man" doctrine shortly after the assassination during the time the Klan was weaponizing a "wrecking crew"
• Comparison of Branham's indirect claim to be Jesus and his claim to have "saved" Leslie Douglas Ashley by reason of insanity
• Interrogations of Ku Klux Klan leaders by the House of Representatives


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