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The Message Part 31: William Branham and George J. Lacy

This episode examines the events leading up to a public debate at the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston Texas in which an unusual photograph was taken of William Branham. It also examines William Branham's claims concerning the photograph, and the request by the Branham Campaign team to verify the photograph by one George J. Lacy, a man William Branham claimed was the "head of the F.B.I."

Names discussed in this video:
• Rev. Paul Kopp
• Rev. LeRoy Kopp
• Rev. F. F. Bosworth
• Rev. W. E. Best
• George J. Lacy
• John Lennon
• Paul McCartney
• The Beatles
• Roy E. Davis
• W. W. Sterling
• Gov. Ross S. Sterling

Topics discussed in this video:
• 20th Century Prophet Video
• Deep Calleth to the Deep Video
• Houston Photograph
• The fact that only these two videos are available, when the Branhams had video recording equipment
• F. F. Bosworth's involvement in founding the Assemblies of God
• The Assemblies of God's public rejection of The New Order of Latter Rain
• The impact this rejection would have had upon crowds attending Branham's meetings
• Branham's use of 1947 photos with large crowds to promote 1950 meetings in Houston, TX
• F. F. Bosworth allegedly challenging W. E. Best to debate
• Branham's claim on recording of reluctance to go, versus his statements to the press declaring he would be the sole respondent.
• A play-by-play look inside the debate at the Sam Houston Coliseum on January 24, 1950
• Branham's claim that only his "halo" photograph developed, versus the photographs published in the local newspapers
• W. E. Best's fears that police protection would be required
• Brawls that broke out during the debate between Branham's supporters and his opponents
• Branham's opponents fleeing for safety after the fights broke out
• Braham's shying away from the debate after telling reporters he alone would respond
• The "halo" photograph, and Branham's claim that it was supernatural
• Review of the lighting in the Sam Houston Coliseum
• Comparison of the lighting in the "halo" photo and other photos from the Sam Houston Coliseum
• Worship of Branham's "halo" photograph
• Branham's claim that George J. Lacy "the Head of the F.B.I." reported that the photograph caught the "supernatural"
• Lacy's actual report, which does not make this claim
• George J. Lacy's brutal beating of African Americans during segregated Texas
• George J. Lacy's dishonorable discharge after several brutal beatings
• George J. Lacy's forming a private investigation firm, "Lacy Finger Print Bureau of Houston"
• George J. Lacy organizing as nonprofit with Ross S. Sterling, Gov. Ross S. Sterling's choice for Texas Secretary of State
• Ross S. Sterling's early and long-lasting involvement with the Ku Klux Klan


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