The Message Part 18: William Branham and F. F. Bosworth

  • 5 years ago
This episode examines the time period during which William Branham claimed that his "sorrows started". From the death of his first wife, Hope (Brumbach) Branham, to the 1937 Flood's demolition of Jeffersonville, Indiana, to the threat of WWII, there were many tragic events to consider.

Names discussed in this video:
• Rev. F. F. Bosworth
• Rev. Roy E. Davis
• Rev. E. Howard Cadle
• Rev. John Alexander Dowie

Topics discussed in this video:
• Bosworth Brothers "Healing Campaign" at the Cadle Tabernacle as the Tabernacle was used for the Ku Klux Klan invasion of Indianapolis Politics
• Bosworth Brothers "Healing Campaigns" from coast to coast
• F. F. Bosworth pastoring the Dallas Gospel Tabernacle at the time Roy E. Davis was a pastor/evangelist in the Dallas / Fort Worth area
• F. F. Bosworth one of the founding members of the Assemblies of God
• Assemblies of God racial segregation history
• Church of God / Assemblies of God split, predominantly black or white
• F. F. Bosworth's position of Director of Music in the John Alexander Dowie Zion City religious cult commune
• John Alexander Dowie's claim (and his follower's belief) to be the return of "Elijah" from the Old Testament
• F. F. Bosworth touring with Dowie in Dowie's "Faith Healing" meetings
• John Alexander Dowie using religion to invade and control Chicago politics
• John Alexander Dowie's (with F. F. Bosworth present) threat to New York City officials that he would also invade and control New York politics
• F. F. Bosworth's highly publicized announcement of healing for a man who died a few days after of the same disease
• F. F. Bosworth suggesting that the man had two diseases, healed of one and died of the other
• F. F. Bosworth writing disclaimers in William Branham's "Voice of Healing" newsletter, "Why All Are Not Healed"