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The Message Part 16: William Branham and the 1940 Olympics

This episode examines the time period during which William Branham claimed that his "sorrows started". From the death of his first wife, Hope (Brumbach) Branham, to the 1937 Flood's demolition of Jeffersonville, Indiana, to the threat of WWII, there were many tragic events to consider.

Names discussed in this video:
• Henry Branham
• Jesse Branham
• Hope Branham

Topics discussed in this video:
• The 1937 Flood destroying Jeffersonville, IN
• Tent cities during the flood
• Hope (Brumbach) Branham's death long after the flood
• William Branham claim to have fought flood waters by boat to see Hope in the hospital
• William Branham's financial condition before, during, and after the 1937 flood
• William Branham and Billy Paul moving in with his mother, Ella Branham
• William Branham's siblings living with his mother
• Jesse Branham working for the dog track among the gamblers
• William Branham's job as a bill collector for the Public Service Company
• Henry Branham (William's brother) the faith healer
• Henry Branham (William's brother) the boxer
• China's impact on the 1940 Olympics in Tokyo
• WWII's impact on the 1940 Olympics in Helsinki
• A. A. U.'s initiative to save the 1940 Olympics
• Louisville and Southern Indiana's involvement with the A.A.U.
• Henry Branham's amateur boxing career
• William Branham's claim to have had the same boxing career
• William Branham's position as line inspector for the Public Service Company
• William Branham capturing a wolf in Henryville, IN
• William Branham's big game trophies described in 1942
• William Branham's hunting excursions described in 1942
• William Branham's October 1942 hunting excursion


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