Coronavirus Cases In India At 2902 As Deaths Go Up To 68; U.S. Sees Record 30,000 Cases In 24 Hours

  • 4 years ago
COVID-19 cases in India are inching closer to the 3000 mark with 2902 confirmed cases in the country as of April 4 at 2pm. The total deaths arising due to the COVID-19 infection is at 68. Maharashtra continues to report the maximum number of coronavirus cases at 490 with 19 deaths. The state government has initiated a “cluster-containment plan” that targets an area for contact tracing and awareness in a 3km radius in which 3-or-more cases of coronavirus cases occurred. Tamil Nadu state has 411 active cases of coronavirus with 1 death. Worldwide the number of deaths has reached 59,000 but countries in Europe account for a whopping 41,000 deaths reported globally. Meanwhile, the U.S. reported 30,000 cases in one day, a record for the country.