Q-Qaida - Episode 43 - Learn Quran - 28 Nov 2023 - ARY Qtv

3 months ago
Q-Qaida - Episode 43 - Learn Quran - Hafiza Urooj Iqbal - 27 Nov 2023 - ARY Qtv

Teacher: Hafiza Urooj Iqbal

Class: 43 | Sokoon (Jazam)

#QQaida #HafizaUroojIqbal #ARYQtv #QuranEducation

Q Qaida is an introductory program that teaches beginners how to read the Arabic Script for Quranic recitation. It starts with the basic Arabic letters and gradually introduces different vowel sounds and Quranic pronunciation rules. It is commonly used to establish a solid foundation for Tajweed and Quranic recitation.

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