Naukasana For Cervical Spondylosis - Neck and Shoulder Pain - Treatment, Tips & Cure in Tamil

  • 9 years ago
Yoga exercises help to heal problems of the neck and the spine. These exercises help you to tackle problems like cervical spondylosis. It also cures problems of the heart and also strengthens the muscles of the lungs, liver and pancreas.


Nauka in Sanskrit means a boat and asana means a yoga pose. Naukasana therefore means a boat pose in Sanskrit.


Naukasana or the boat pose helps to reduce all fat in the stomach.
It aids in strengthening the spine and the neck and cures problems related to these parts of the body.
This is a very good way to exercise the abdomen and the stomach and it helps to regulate the muscles of the lungs, liver and the pancreas.
Yoga helps to improve the function of the kidneys and the thyroid glands thus curing all problems of the neck.


Naukasana starts with lying on the back .
Keep the arms on the side.
Keep breathing and relax for some time.
Keeping the legs straight bend the legs .
Now bring the upper part of the part above and touch the legs with both the hands.
Hold the breath and stay in this position for around ten seconds.
Exhale and come back to position.

Duration of the Asana

The Boat Pose or Naukasana should be done three or four times a day. Take care that you do not overdo the pose.

Care & Caution

This helps to cure problems of the neck and the spine. However take care that if you are suffering from migraine, headache or ulcer then does not perform this yoga pose. People with hernia also should not try this pose. Pregnant women should also not try this pose.