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Katibalasan For Body Building - Exercise For Fitness - Treatment, Tips & Cure in Tamil

Yog Sadhana Tamil
Yog Sadhana Tamil
Including weight training with yoga changes a person's entire lifestyle. Weight training with proper nutritional plan and good workout routine helps gain muscle and tones entire body.
Yoga keeps the body healthy and immune system strong.

Pranayamas are breathing exercises. All pranayamas should be done in padmasana position. Every pranayamas has numerous benefits.

1: Keeps lungs and heart healthy.
2: Increases blood circulation.
3: Increases oxygen levels in body.
4: Clears nasal area and also cures respiratory problems.

Yoga is a way of living. Yoga is not only a exercise but it also helps to lead a good and healthy life, making you look good and stay happy. We introduce, Yogacharya Shree Avneesh Tiwari, who have been practicing yoga from past 40 years and have travelled all over India to teach yoga. With the help of these yoga videos by Acharaya, you will not only learn yoga asanas but also right way of leading your life.
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