Wales headlines 6 October: Gliders hoped to be used in Llandudno, Sir Kier Starmer ‘proud’ of Welsh Labour government, stairway fire at asylum hotel

  • 7 months ago
Tourists in North Wales could soon be transported across to between Llandudno and Liverpool in a glider as part of new plans. Conwy Council have said it is one of their aspirational plans to revitalise the town in the next 10 years. Similar gliders are set to be used across the English Channel commercially from 2025.

Labour leader Sir Kier Starmer has said there is a lot he is proud of in how Welsh labour are running things in Wales, but refused to reiterate previous claims that they are a blueprint for power. Starmer said he can’t pretend that there are not challenged between himself and the Welsh Labour government.

The number of arrests at a controversial asylum hotel has risen to 12 as fire inspectors announce the entire building is unsafe for anyone to stay at. Plans for 240 asylum seekers to be temporarily housed a the site caused anger among many locals, as well as a recent stairwell fire and days of unrest at the site.