What Is The Safest Seat On An Airplane?

  • last year
CNN reports that a 'Time' investigation looked at 35 years of aircraft accident data to determine
which seats of an aircraft had the lowest fatality rate.
Middle aisle seats had a fatality rate of 44%, while the middle rear seats had the lowest rate of just 28%.
While the whole aisle offers easier access to exits, seats near the middle of the plane are closer to the wings of the plane, which store fuel.
According to the data, the type of emergency also dictates the chances of survivability.
CNN reports that mountain crashes greatly decrease the chances of survival, as in the tragic 1979 Air New Zealand Flight TE901 crash which killed 257 passengers and crew.
Nose-first ocean crashes also greatly decrease the chances of survival, as in the 2009 Air France Flight 447 crash which killed 228 passengers and crew.
Rather than the risk of a crash, "clear air turbulence" can cause the most damage to passengers and the aircraft itself.
CNN reports that manufacturers are developing new types of aircraft with more composite materials that can handle in-flight stress.
These new designs include wings that are less rigid and can flex to absorb extreme loading, preventing structural failure.