A Guide to Places With Lower Cost of Living Than The US

  • last year
If you're thinking of quitting your job and pursuing your dreams, here are some of the best and cheapest places to live in the world, according to 'Forbes.'
"When you can slash your cost of living by half—or even more in some places—it opens up lots of possibilities for better living." Jennifer Stevens, International Living executive editor, via 'Forbes'
Portugal: The strength of the U.S. dollar and Portugal's helpful visa options make places like Lagos,
Vilamoura and Tavira enticing.
Mexico: From beautiful beaches to colonial cities full of art and culture, Mexico is an affordable destination that offers exciting options.
Panama: Panama offers great visa opportunities for expats, has excellent health care and experiences year-round warm weather below the hurricane zone.
Ecuador: International Living correspondent Donna Stiteler says that Ecuador has a number of appealing qualities that make it a standout destination.
"Ecuador is still a largely undiscovered
country not yet homogenized but still offering the conveniences of modern living, including high-speed fiber-optic internet, American dollar currency, temperate weather, good public transportation
and affordable healthcare and housing." Donna Stiteler, International Living correspondent, via 'Forbes'
Costa Rica: A lower cost of living and affordable health care are just two things that make this politically stable country high on the list of international retirement destinations.
Spain: According to International Living correspondent Sally Pederson, "Sunny weather all year, a welcoming culture, an incredibly relaxed lifestyle and a relatively low cost of living. These are just a few of the things that Spain offers.”