The Ranking of The Trendiest Neighborhoods in The World

  • 2 years ago
Every year, Time Out magazine establishes a ranking of the "coolest neighborhoods in the world".
These are dynamic neighborhoods with a large supply of innovative restaurants, cocktail bars... at competitive prices.
The magazine considers these to be corners of the city where you can stay for hours.
To do this, he interviewed no less than 20,000 travelers and "local experts" to find out their favorite places in town.
Here are the hottest neighborhoods:
1. Colonia Americana (Guadalajara, Mexico)
"Guadalajara is becoming a must-visit place. It's home to a creative community that pushes boundaries, a growing number of incredible places to eat and some of the best nightlife in the Western Hemisphere." Editor-in-Chief of Time Out.
2. Cais do Sodré (Lisbon, Portugal)
3. Wat Bo Village (Siem Reap, Cambodia)
4. Ridgewood (New York, USA)
5. Mile End (Montreal, Canada)
6. Barrio Logan (San Diego, USA)
7. Shimokitazawa (Tokyo, Japan)
8. Cliftonville (Margate, UK)
9. Barrio Yungay (Santiago, Chile)
10. Cours Julien (Marseille, France)