6 months ago

Europe: Where to Go For a Weekend in Autumn?

Here are some ideal destinations to enjoy the mild autumn weather in Europe.
To avoid mass tourism at the end of the summer:
1/ Corsica, France
2/ The Greek islands, Greece
3/ Capri, Italy
4/ Ibiza, Spain
5/ Sicily, Italy
6/ Malta

To make the most of of the sun :
1/ The French Riviera, France
2/ The Amalfi Coast, Italy
3/ Puglia, Italy
4/ Calabria, Italy
5/ Cadiz, Spain
6/ The Algarve region, Portugal

To discover dynamic cities:
1/ Lisbon, Portugal
2/ Barcelona, Spain
3/ Seville, Spain
4/ Granada, Spain
5/ Rome, Italy
6/ Naples, Italy

For a breath of fresh air:
1/ The Isle of Skye, United Kingdom
2/ The Burgundy region, France
3/ La Rioja, Spain
4/ The Alsace Wine Route, France