6 months ago

Europe: Which Cities Host The Most Beautiful Christmas Markets?

As the holiday season approaches, the traditional and popular outdoor Christmas markets are multiplying.
Wooden chalets, Christmas music, sale of artisanal products and culinary specialities... the magic of Christmas works so well that it becomes a festive event not to be missed for the period.
It is also often the occasion to drink a good hot chocolate or mulled wine.
Here is where to find the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe:
- Prague (Czech Republic)
- Vienna (Austria)
- London (England)
- Budapest (Hungary)
- Brussels (Belgium)
- Cologne (Germany)
- Frankfurt (Germany)
- Riga (Latvia)
- Copenhagen (Denmark)
- Saint Petersburg (Russia)
- Fauquemont (Holland)
- Berlin (Germany)
- Strasbourg (France)
- Munich (Germany)
- Nuremberg (Germany)
- Salzburg (Austria)
- Rovaniemi (Finland)
- Göteborg (Sweden)
- Florence (Italy)
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