7 months ago

Amsterdam Is Taking New Steps to Make the Red Light District Safer

CNN reports that Amsterdam will ban the use of marijuana on the street, while also taking new steps
to discourage alcohol use in the red light district.
"Residents of the old city center experience a lot of nuisance from mass tourism and alcohol and drug abuse on the street." Municipality of Amsterdam statement, via CNN
"Tourists also attract street dealers, who in turn promote criminality and insecurity. Especially at night, the atmosphere can become grim. People who are under the influence also stick around longer." Municipality of Amsterdam statement, via CNN
According to the municipality, “Residents cannot sleep well and the neighborhood is becoming unsafe and unliveable.”
CNN reports that the new rules will take effect in mid-May.
An estimated 10% to 15% of Amsterdam's tourist industry is from the city's red light district, the traditional center of the city’s legal sex work trade.
According to city officials, the goal is to draw visitors who appreciate the city's unique heritage, architecture and culture, as opposed to sex and drugs.
In 2023, Amsterdam is expected to see over 18 million overnight visitors.
By 2024, that number has the potential to reach 23 million, plus an additional 24-25 million day visitors.
CNN reports that when the number of overnight visitors reaches 18 million, the city council will be "obliged to intervene" per a 2021 ordinance.
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