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Kawaii Goth Gets 50s Makeover | TRANSFORMED

24-YEAR-OLD Renzyll from Brisbane, Australia, describes her style as a fusion of spooky goth and cute Kawaii. She started exploring alternative clothing as early as 13 years old, a taste influenced by her mother who was a punk music fan. Renzyll's unique style emerged when she became a keen cosplayer and was immediately drawn to the Japanese fashion. Red contact lenses, dolly eye makeup and platform boots are all essential parts of Renzyll's everyday look. But Renzyll admits that she often 'feels like a girl rather than a real woman' in her alternative style. Today, Renzyll is going to be transformed into an ultra-feminine 50s rockabilly look with the help of a vintage makeup artist and her close friend, Zara. Zara, a real-life pinup who has been friends with Renzyll since they were teenagers, is the polar opposite of Renzyll and has a passion for vintage clothing. Renzyll said she always wondered how she'd look in an outfit reminiscent of Zara. Renzyll will be revealing the final look to her parents, Chris and Debra, as well as her partner, Eddie. Will the new look inspire Renzyll to consider switching up her style and giving her wardrobe a makeover?

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