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S. Korea reports 246 new COVID-19 cases Tuesday; mostly linked to church cluster infections in Seoul

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신규확진 246명중 지역발생 235명...수도권 교회 등 집단 감염 여파

South Korea has been witnessing three-digit increase in novel coronavirus cases for a fifth day as authorities scramble to trace hundreds of members of a church congregation in
northern Seoul.
Our Yoon Jung-min is live at a healthcare center in Seongbuk-gu district of Seoul.
Jung-min, is that where many of the churchgoers are being tested for the coronavirus?
You're right, Conn-young.
Right behind me is the Seongbuk-gu Health Center where anyone in this vicinity can come by to get tested for Covid-19.
As the church at the center of this latest outbreak is located in this district, this health center has been screening many of those linked to the congregation.
The test center was up and running until about an hour ago, but as you can see, it's closed now as its operating hours are from 9 to 6 daily.
As of Tuesday, South Korea added 246 new COVID-19 cases.
This is mostly because of cluster infections at churches in Seoul and the surrounding areas.
131 cases were reported in Seoul itself,... while 52 were reported in Gyeonggi-do Province.
Since last Friday, South Korea has been adding triple digits of new coronavirus cases everyday.
The recent spike is mostly linked to the Sarang Jeil Church in Seoul's northern Seongbuk-gu District.
As of Tuesday noon, infections related to the church alone from the last six days now stands at over 450,...and the rate of testing positive is at over 15-percent.
Take a listen.
"It's difficult to track down patients related to the church. We urge people who have visited since July 27th to promptly take COVID-19 tests whether they have symptoms or not."
In the capital Seoul, almost 75-percent of COVID-19 care units are occupied,... prompting authorities to acquire 500 more hospital beds in the capital area.
Taereung National Training Center will be turned into a treatment center to offer more beds.
That is absolutely troubling to hear. Now, the cluster infections that had mostly been concentrated in the greater Seoul area are now spreading and spreading quickly nationwide.
Isn't that a concern, as well?
That's right. Concerns are rising because other regions have also been reporting new infections.
And some are linked to the cluster infections in Seoul.
Several dozen cases related to the Sarang Jeil Church have been spotted in other regions.
On Tuesday, 18 were confirmed in Incheon,... seven in Busan,... and six in Daegu.
In total, the number in the country now stands at 15-thousand-761.
There was one more death,... bringing the total to 306.
The authorities are also closely monitoring other facilities vulnerable to cluster infections,... including cafes, nursing hospitals and offices.
That's all from me at this hour, Conn-young.