S. Korea to raise false Dokdo labeling and radiation issue at Tokyo Olympics meeting

5 years ago
대한체육회, 도쿄올림픽 선수단장 회의 참석... '독도 표시•방사능 위험' 논의

A delegation from South Korea is in Tokyo to attend an meeting on next year's Olympics.
The officials have pledged to raise the issue of Japan's labeling of Korea's Dokdo Island as Japanese territory on the map for the Olympic torch relay.
Kan Hyeong-woo tells us more.
The map of the torch relay route on the official website of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics committee erroneously shows South Korea's easternmost island of Dokdo as if it's part of Japan.
Despite Seoul lodging an official complaint with Japan to remove Dokdo from the map last month,... Tokyo has refused.
A South Korean delegation is in Japan this week to attend a National Olympic committee meeting.
With officials from the International Olympic Committee and other nations' delegations in attendance,... the South Korean side has vowed to raise the issue of the falsely labeled Dokdo Island on Japan's torch relay map.
"We're going to strongly protest the Dokdo Island issue and press for our demands to be accepted."
On the increasing concerns over radiation in Fukushima and food from that region,... the Korean Sport and Olympic Committee said it's going to urge the IOC to have international experts launch a thorough examination to provide trustworthy information. The South Korean delegation added it plans to cooperate with other nations' representatives to ensure the safety of all athletes, coaching staff and other participants at next year's Tokyo Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Kan Hyeong-woo, Arirang News.