Bell-striking ceremony commemorates 74th anniversary of Korea's independence

5 years ago
Another significant event is being held on National Liberation Day.
At the Bosingak Pavilion in Jongno,... relatives of independence fighters and survivor of Japan's wartime sex crimes are striking the bell to commemorate the 74th anniversary of Korea's independence.
Our Park Hee-jun is standing by at the site.
Hee-jun, fill us in.

What you're hearing right now is the sound of the Bosingak bell ringing -- the ceremony began just moments ago at noon sharp.
It's a special event,... which, as you said, is being participated in by descendents of independence patriots and by a victim of Japan's wartime sexual slavery.

14 notable figures, including the Seoul Mayor, have been divided into three groups.
They’re going to strike the bell 11 times each -- so the bell will be rung 33 times in total.

I want to point out some of the most notable attendees....
There is Lee Ok-seon,... one of the very few remaining victims who were forced into sexual slavery.
Being 92 years old,... she's been taking the lead in trying to resolve the 'comfort women' issue.
And you need to know that, because of her old age,... it's actually very difficult for her to walk.
Her being here demonstrates her patriotism and strong determination to fix the wrongs made by Japan.
Lee and the other 20 victims still alive are still waiting for Japan to sincerely apologize for its wartime sexual violence.
And just yesterday, civic groups here and abroad held demonstrations to remember the former sex slaves as part of the International Memorial Day for Victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery.

And also among the 14 figures is Yuji Hosaka -- a professor at Sejong University.
He's been arguing for over 20 years that Dokdo Island is part of South Korean territory.
He's well-known for his efforts to try to correct history distorted by Japan.

Jeong Jeong-yong, the coach who helped South Korea reach the final of the Under-20 World Cup for the first time,... is also here.
Together, they will help commemorate and revive the spirit of those who have fought hard to pave the way for an independent Korea to make huge leaps forward.

And taking place amid escalating bilateral tensions with Japan,... it's another opportunity for Koreans to stand united against Japan's influence over the country.