President Moon calls for fourth inter-Korean summit this month before his scheduled meeting with Trump

  • 5 years ago
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President Moon Jae-in is calling for the resumption of talks between the two Koreas and between the North and the U.S.
Speaking at the Oslo Forum on Wednesday during his week-long tour of Northern Europe,... President Moon said President Trump and Kim Jong-un should meet sooner rather than later to resolve their differences over the regime's denuclearization.
Shin Se-min reports.

Taking to the stage at the Oslo Forum on Wednesday,... President Moon Jae-in said he hopes to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for a fourth time before the end of June.

"Whether or not we meet, or the timing of the summit depends on what Chairman Kim Jong-un decides. I think it's desirable that I meet Chairman Kim before President Trump's visit to South Korea at the end of this month."

President Moon's push for another summit this month is seen as his bid to narrow the gap between the leaders of North Korea and the U.S. before holding another round of high-stakes nuclear talks.
His remarks come amid rising anticipation for a much-needed breakthrough after the North Korean leader sent a personal letter to President Trump this week.
The South Korean leader said the letter is a proof that numerous channels of dialogue between Pyeongyang and Washington remain open,... but at the same time,... President Moon expressed concern about the prolonged absence of face-to-face talks.

"The passion for dialogue may lose steam. I urge Chairman Kim Jong-un and President Trump to swiftly arrange another summit."

The South Korean leader also introduced his vision of "peace for people," promising his utmost efforts to resolve the issues that many Koreans face, simply because of the divided peninsula.

"When mutual understanding allows enmity to dissolve, like the snow that melts and flows to the ocean, peace on the Korean Peninsula will also reach its goal."

"With President Moon putting the onus on North Korea's Kim Jong-un to speed up the dialogue momentum,... eyes are on the North to see whether any moves will be made in the remaining weeks of the month,... before the G20 Summit and the diplomacy heavy week that comes with it.
Shin Se-min, Arirang News, Oslo."