S. Korea's per capita income in 2018 to surpass U.S.$30,000, but GDP growth seen faltering to 6-year low

  • 6 years ago
South Korea's per capita income is on pace to break the 30-thousand U.S. dollar mark this year,... but the nation's economic growth rate is expected to dip to a 6-year low.
According to the Bank of Korea on Sunday,... the country's G-N-I per capita is projected at roughly 31-thousand U.S. dollars in 2018,... twelve years after surpassing the 20-thousand dollar mark.
However, Korea's G-D-P growth is expected to be sluggish at 2-point-7 percent this year,... the lowest level since 2012.
The central bank attributed the slowing economy... to weak domestic demand, especially in the construction sector.