Pres. Moon fulfills wish of visiting Mt. Baekdusan through N. Korean route

  • 6 years ago
문 대통령 "전국민 백두산 관광 가능한 시대 올 것"...백두산 방문으로 일정 마무리
President Moon got to fulfill a lifelong wish on Thursday with a visit to Baekdusan Mountain, the highest peak on the Korean Peninsula.
He was invited there by Kim Jong-un.
Unlike most outside visitors, who have to go up the mountain from the Chinese side, he was on Korean soil the whole time.
Park Hee-jun reports. They held their hands up together at the peak of Baekdusan Mountain.
South Korean President Moon Jae-in, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and the first ladies ascended the iconic mountain on the last day of the Pyeongyang Summit,... the last stop on their schedule before returning to Seoul.
A deeply meaningful day, especially for President Moon,... who got to tick off a wish on his bucket list.

"Many people have visited Baekdusan Mountain using the route through China. But I resolved that I would go through North Korea. I thought that day would come quickly but it didn't. But now my wish has finally come true."

The two leaders shared their hopes for a new era... in which South Koreans will be able to freely come and go to Baekdusan.

"Only a few of us have come to Baekdusan today, but the people of South Korea and the rest of the world need to see it in the future. Since the two Koreas were divided, for the South, it has been a mountain of longing."

Also at the mountain was the South Korean delegation accompanying President Moon.
They and the President invited Kim Jong-un to South Korea's Hallasan Mountain on Jeju Island, in return for the special tour.

It was cold,... but the sky was perfectly clear.

And with their symbolic mountain trek,... the leaders of the two Koreas concluded their three-day inter-Korean summit.

Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.