Day-3 of 2018 Inter-Korean Summit Pyeongyang: Pres. Moon becomes first S. Korean pres. to step foot on Baekdusan Mtn.
  • 6 years ago
- Anything that stood out from the day 2 of the summit?

- Summit agreement
Walk us through what's been agreed by the two leaders on the summit agreement. What's your general impression?
Can we say that clauses regarding North Koreas' denuclearization - at the end part of the agreement - meets what we've been expecting? Do you think they were detailed enough to provide a smooth transition to a possible North Korea-U.S. summit within this year?
What about inter-Korean relations? It seems the two Koreas hope to expand their relations even more to cover a lot more fields.
Did Blue House officials make any remarks about the summit agreement? What's their assessment?
- Military agreement
What about the military agreement? Tell us what the two Koreas have agreed upon.
Was there any remarks about this military agreement as well from the working-level officials who were directly involved in formulating this agreement?
- The schedules for today
- Mt. Baekdusan trekking
What is Mt. Baekdusan?
How did this sudden, unexpected Mt. Baekdusan trekking come about? Is this the "friendship event" a lot of us were expecting to happen?
What is the route to be taken by S Korean Pres Moon to Mt. Baekdusan? Which spots within Mt. Baekdusan is he expected to see?
Any political meaning to the place itself? We know that Kim Jong-un himself has visited the mountain numerous times.
t this Mt. Baekdusan Mountain trekking sends to many watching this happen in South Korea and around the world?
Does this imply that, possibly in the near future, South Korean citizens may also be able to cross the border and visit Mt. Baekdusan? Just like how we saw tours to Mt. Kumgang happen - though that was only until 2008.
- Did North Korean state TV release any footage of the inter-Korean summit over there in Pyongyang? We were able to see several reports from the news agency yesterday.