Day-3 of 2018 Inter-Korean Summit Pyeongyang: Pres. Moon becomes first S. Korean pres. to step foot on Baekdusan Mtn.
  • 6 years ago
We are now on day three of President Moon Jae-in's trip to the North--- and it looks to be a day that will be remembered the most,... as the leader plans on going up Baekdusan Monutain with his North Korean counterpart.
But first, we get a check on the latest with our Shin Se-min at the main press center in Dondgaemun Design Plaza.
Se-min, when are the leaders heading over to Baekdusan Mountain?

It's the last day in Pyeongyang,... and a full day from early this morning.
To answer your question,... the president and Chairman Kim will depart precisely in about 40 minutes time-- taking off from Pyeongyang International Airport.
But before that,... we might have to cut to a live feed, scheduled to come in any time now-- footages of a farewell ceremony from the Baekhwawon State Guesthouse, where South Korea's first couples have stayed during their trip to Pyeongyang.

And just to give you a brief rundown of what we can expect to come out of the North this morning,....
President Moon and the first lady will be departing for Samjiyon airport, a military airfield near Baekdusan Mountain,... at 6:40 A.M.,... scheduled to be a one-hour flight.
After landing, they will travel for another hour on land to reach Janggunbong peak on the southern side,... where they'll be just 10 minutes out from Baekdusan Mountain's Lake Cheonji,... meaning Heaven Lake-- a crater lake sitting on the border between North Korea and China.
But whether or not the president will be able to get to that location,... largely depends on the weather condition there.
The mountain and the lake sitting on it... is a world-renowned landmark for many hikers,... and many South Koreans are hoping one day... that they could go trekking to Baekdusan Mountain's Kaema Plateau.
If you remember, President Moon had previously expressed during his meeting with Kim in April at Panmunjom-- that he hopes to trek Baekdusan Mountain sometime soon.
And it clearly shows the care and consideration that Kim Jong-un has shown-- leading up to this moment where the leaders of the Koreas will be going up that mountain together.

We've experienced uncertainties happening in the North,... and yes that announcement of them going to that mountain was a shock to many.
So then with that added schedule,... the planned return of President Moon back to his home looks is likely to be adjusted?

Mark we are learning the details of the schedule or any of the changes as we go-- and even the schedule I just told you about,... is also fluid.
But for now,... it looks as though the President and his entourage will be heading back home later in the day,... instead of returning this morning as initially announced.
After having stepped foot on that mountain... the President and the delegation will be flying from Samjiyon airport back to the Pyeongyang International Airport-- then back home to Seoul Air Base-- which looks to be later in the afternoon.