Trump receives 'very warm and positive' letter from North Korean leader: White House

  • 6 years ago
The White House has confirmed that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has sent U.S. President Donald Trump another letter... in which Kim says he wants to meet with Trump again to discuss the ongoing denuclearization efforts.
Lee Seung-jae reports.
"Very warm" and "very positive".
These are the words White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders used on Monday to describe the letter President Trump received from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un,... calling for a second meeting between the two leaders.

"Yeah, the president has received the letter from Kim Jong Un. It was a very warm, very positive letter. We won't release the full letter unless the North Korean leader agrees that we should. The primary purpose of the letter was to request and look to schedule another meeting with the president, which we are open to and are already in the process of coordinating that."

Just last week,... President Trump revealed he was expecting a letter from the North Korean leader amid stalled negotiations to dismantle the regime's nuclear weapons program.
Asked whether a potential second summit could take place in Washington,... the White House said the U.S. would be keen on hosting it on home ground.

"We will let you know when we have further details, but certainly something that we want to take place, and we will, already continue to work on making that happen."

President Trump and Kim held their first summit in Singapore in June.
At the time,... North Korea committed to work toward the "complete denuclearization" of the Korean Peninsula in exchange for security guarantees from the U.S..
However, negotiations to implement the deal have appeared to hit an impasse,... as Washington demanded a full inventory of Pyeongyang's nuclear arsenal,... while the regime insisted on first declaring a formal end to the Korean War.
With another inter-Korean summit kicking off in the North Korean capital in exactly a week,... the latest development has many asking whether there will be a second North Korea-U.S. summit soon after.
Lee Seung-jae, Arirang News.