Moon "S. Korea, Russia share common vision: Denuclearization, Joint Prosperity. Seoul, Pyongyang, Moscow economic cooperation could begin once peace is established"

  • 6 years ago
President Moon Jae-in says he believes peace on the Korean Peninsula will open the door to full-fledged economic cooperation between the two Koreas.
He says the two Koreas will then start to work closely with Russia as well.
In fact, that's one of the issues he plans to discuss with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow this week.
Ahead of that visit... our Moon Connyoung gives us a summary of what the South Korean leader had to say to members of the Russian press. South Korea and Russia share the common goal of a complete denuclearization of Korean Peninsula and a lasting peace settlement.
That's South Korean President Moon Jae-in in an interview with the Russian media on the eve of his four-day state visit the world's largest country by area.

President Moon said he wished to discuss with his Russian counterpart the two countries' cooperation in various sectors as he believes "once a peace regime is established on the Korean Peninsula, it will open an era of full-fledged inter-Korean economic cooperation and that framework should include Russia to create a Seoul, Pyongyang, Moscow three-way cooperation."

The bilateral cooperation between South Korea and Russia can begin in areas such as railways, natural gas and electricity, the President said... and North can join later.

The South Korean president added... once a lasting peace system is established between the two Koreas, in the long run, it should develop into a multilateral peace and security cooperative system that encompasses the entire Northeast Asian region.
For that, Mr. Moon will continue to closely coordinate Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On the results of the North Korea, U.S. summit in Singapore earlier this month, the South Korean president said they have surpassed all expectations... and called all the parties concerned now to implement the agreed measures as soon as possible.
He stressed, North Korea should take certain steps and the U.S. should provide comprehensive security guarantees.

President Moon, during this first state visit by a South Korean head of state to Russia since 1999, is scheduled to sit down with his Russian counterpart on Friday... for the third time since taking office in May 2017 and also become the country's first-ever president to deliver a speech to the Russian State Duma.

The South Korean leader's trip to Moscow comes amid a flurry of international efforts, including two inter-Korean summits and a never-before-seen U.S., North Korea summit, to rid North Korea of its nuclear weapons program as well as unprecedented diplomatic engagements by the North Korean leader with other heads of state.

Moon Connyoung, Arirang News, the Blue House.