मूंग दाल गुलगुले - How To Make Moong Dal Gulgule With Curry - Pakoda Curry Recipe in Hindi - Seema
  • 6 years ago
Learn how to make Moong Dal Gulgule With Curry Recipe in Hindi by Chef Seema only on Swaad Anusaar.

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Ingredients for Gulgule:
1/2 cup - Soaked Moong Dal
1 - Green Chilies
1/ tsp - Salt
1/ tsp - Caraway seeds

For the gravy:
4 - Tomatoes
1/2 tsp red chili powder
Approx 1 liter water for the gravy
1/2 tsp sugar
1 cup - Milk

Method of preparation:
Heat a wok, add oil and let it heat.
In a mixer jar, add soaked moong dal, green chilies and grind it for few seconds.
Add water to the Dal and grind it again to a paste-like consistency.
Once you're done grinding, transfer it to a bowl and add salt and caraway seeds. Mix them well.
Make rounds of the batter and leave it inside the hot oil.
Fry them nicely, until they're golden brown in color.
Once they're done take them out on a plate.
In a jar add tomatoes and grind them.
In a vessel, heat oil and add caraway seeds, ginger. Fry them nicely until the raw smell goes away.
Add the tomato puree, salt, red chili powder and water.
After adding the water give it 2-3 boils on high flame.
Our gravy is ready. Now we'll add sugar and switch off the gas.
After your done cooking it, add milk and keep stirring.
You can serve the curry with gulgule in it.
Garnish it with coriander.