Reporters and press members prepare for covering historic inter-Korean summit at the Main Press Center

  • 6 years ago
And we go now straight to our Park Ji-won, part of the Panmunjom Press Pool, who is reporting from the press center at KINTEX in Goyang, some 20 kilometers north of Seoul,... where official press briefings on the summit will be held throughout today.

Jiwon, we know that nearly three-thousand press members will be there to cover the event, sending out the latest news for people all around the world. What's the atmosphere there like?

Semin and Daniel
As you said, nearly three thousand members of the press from 360 media companies and from more than 40 countries have registered here at the Main Press Center to cover this historic event.

As of now, more and more reporters and media staff are coming in to prepare for the summit,... that's going to start some two hours from now.
There's a sense of excitement and anxiousness in the air,... as this is the first summit meeting in 11 years,.... only the third of its kind since the Korean War,... with two previously held in 2000 and 2007 respectively.
Also, this will be the first time for a sitting North Korean leader to step onto South Korean territory in over six decades.
And of course, the key issue for the press here, as well as politicians and watchers from all over the world, is what will be the outcome of these rare, historic inter-Korean summit talks.
If the two leaders do agree on the major issues like,... the declaration of the end of Korean war, and they agree to end the 1953 armistice treaty,... and replace it with a new peace treaty,... then this will bring official peace to the Korean peninsula, changing the dynamics of not only Northeast Asia but also the international order.
Well, that's all I have for now from the 2018 inter-Korean summit Press Center.
Back to you.