Two Koreas complete inspections of each others' facilities for joint Olympic events

  • 6 years ago
With less than two weeks to go before the Winter Olympics kick off in South Korea's alpine town of PyeongChang,... busy days are ahead for the two Koreas.
A team of North Korean athletes will be heading south later this week,... and a joint cultural event will be held in the North.
Lee Ji-won reports.
South and North Korean delegates have completed their inspections of the facilities where joint events will be held in the lead-up to the PyeongChang Winter Olypmics. Now the events just need to be carried out as planned.

The pre-Olympic events are likely to start with joint ski training in the North at the Masikryong Ski Resort.
From as soon as Wednesday, alpine ski and cross-country skiiers from both sides will be at the resort to train for two days.
The South Korean skiers, however, will not be athletes competing at the Olympics.

The two sides have also settled on holding a joint cultural event at the North's Mount Kumgang resort on the 4th of February.
The event is likely to consist of an hour-long performance by each side, with around 600 members of the audience coming from South and North.

North Korea's Samjiyon Orchestra, which has 140 members, is due to come to the South to perform in Seoul and Gangeung.
They'll use the Gyeonggui Line train route on the western side of the Peninsula on the 6th, with concerts scheduled in Gangeung on the 8th... and in Seoul on the 11th.

And just two days before the Winter Games kick off, the rest of the North Korean Olympic participants are due to arrive in South Korea, including a 230-member cheering squad and a 30-member Taekwondo demonstrators.
But South Korea has not yet been told which North Korean dignitaries will be coming or when they'll come.
It's expected that'll be announced right before the opening ceremony.
Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.