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6-year-old who wants to become PRESIDENT pledges to give all kids in school 3-day weekend and ice-cream sundaes every day

A six-year-old has gone viral after he pledged to give all kids in school a three-day weekend and ice-cream sundaes every day - when he becomes PRESIDENT.

Brodie Kenyon also pledges building huge swimming pools in everybody's backyard - when he's in The White House.

Videos, posted online by mum Jessica Kenyon, 32, have gained hundreds of thousands of views and comments with people backing his campaign.

Brodie lives in Moultrie, Georgia, USA.

He says in the video: "Hey guys, this is Brodie and one day I'm going to be the President of the United States and don't worry guys, you're gonna get a three-day weekend off of school, don't worry, I'm coming right behind you guys.''

Jessica, a construction project engineer, said: "He's a little man in a kid's body, he's smart and talented and excels in everything he does."

Brodie's inspiration behind the three-day weekend policy came about one Friday morning.

He asked his mother what day it was and felt disappointed it was only Friday and not Saturday.

This is when he decided to make the impassioned plea for a three-day weekend.

Jessica added: "He had no interest in politics before this but after hype and supporters it's a stepping stone."

Brodie now wants to become the President of the United States when he grows up and he has even piqued the interest of local Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter.

Last week, Brodie was given the chance to speak with Congressman Carter, who praised him for his activism and leadership at such a young age and encouraged him to keep fighting for what he thinks is right.

With all the hype, mother Jessica also decided to organise an online petition which now has over 730 signatures.

It reads: "6-year-old Brodie Kenyon wholeheartedly believes that every person deserves a 3-day weekend.

"He says that everyone needs just one extra day to do 'whatever they want,' whether it be playing outside or going with Nay Nay, the options are limitless.

"Knowing how busy the standard 2-day weekend can be, Brodie is also rooting for the grownups, admitting that they should have an extra day for rest.

"Brodie also wants everyone to have their very own pool and a daily ice cream sundae at no charge- but that is a long-term goal he can tackle in a few decades.

"For now, he is hopeful that he can extend the weekend and shorten the work and school week by 1 day.

"You can help him take the next step to make this change by supporting his petition. He is extremely grateful for all of the love and support thus far!"

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