4 months ago

How to Prevent Your Phone From Overheating?

"All devices on the market are designed to operate between 0 and 35°C. Beyond this range, the components start to overheat, even without using the device." Karima Ouidir, workshop manager at the repairer WeFix.
Overheating is the enemy of batteries: the device discharges more quickly.
What are the signs of an overheating?
The lagging, the lack of fluidity, the appearance of error messages, the slowness, the important loss of the battery level...
1/ Do not expose electronic devices to the sun.
2/ When driving, do not connect your phone to a GPS guidance application.
3/ Take regular breaks from using the device.
4/ Avoid continuous use of power-hungry applications (games, videos, social networks...) and close background applications.
5/ Disable wireless wi-fi and Bluetooth networks if you don't need them.
6/ Maintain the equipment: dust the connector ports with a compressed air spray or a hair dryer.
7/ Avoid protective shells that prevent good heat dissipation.
8/ Delete unused software.
9/ Avoid using the phone while charging.
10/ Prefer charging with the original charger and cable.
When the temperature often exceeds 40°C, the battery must be replaced.