3 months ago

Ways to Control Your Personal Data and Reduce Your Internet Presence

Fox recently offered some tips on how to remove, or at least reduce, your personal data from the internet.
While it is almost impossible to completely scrub your online data, the first step is determining what
discoverable information about you is actually out there.
To start figuring out which sites already have your information, try googling yourself.
Data broker sites like 'People Search' are sites that allow users to obtain information about people, usually for a small fee.
These sites allow people access to information including phone numbers, addresses, age, birthday and even work history.
According to WebFX, there are currently over 4,000 data broker sites that collect information on more than 500 million people.
Fox points out that just because you remove your information from data broker sites, there is no way to stop them from continuing to gather information on you.
This means that personally going through each and every data broker site and asking to have your
information removed is a never-ending cycle.
Removal services like OneRep, BrandYourself and DeleteMe can help with reducing or controlling your presence on the internet.
For a range of prices, these sites all offer a range of services that revolve around constantly scouring
and removing your private data from the internet.