4 months ago

The Golden Rules for Sharing Your Achievements on Your Social Networks

New job? Starting a new company? New project (professional or personal)?
In short, this is a new achievement in your career and you are proud of it!
It is understandable that you would be eager to share the information of your success with others.
But how to do it without looking like a show-off?
The first thing: stay humble but not too humble!
This could be perceived as false modesty.
Internet users could then question the authenticity of your approach.
Share only what is relevant to your community (i.e. the people who follow you on social networks).
It is therefore important to choose the right amount and type of content.
To engage your community, be transparent about your true success story: do not hesitate to share your motivations, your doubts, the difficulties you encountered, the people who helped you...
In a nutshell, share the highs and lows.
So, without self-promotion of your success, you may become a mentor to your subscribers by accompanying or inspiring them!