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Electricity: Why Shouldn't Chargers be Left Plugged in All the Time?

"Did you know that? The charger consumes electricity even when the charge is finished or when there is no phone at the end! If the charger is hot, it is consuming electricity!" L’ADEME on Twitter
For the planet, every action counts, including the smallest!
Among many people's bad habits: Leave chargers connected at all times.
But according to the energy group ENGIE, 6 chargers plugged into a power strip consume 2.6 kWh.
That's an annual cost of about 57 cents, considering that high-powered fast chargers consume even more energy.
The cost is certainly minimal but is real.
Besides the ecological impact, leaving chargers plugged in all the time can be dangerous: it may cause a fire if the charger is of poor quality.
The charger also wears out more quickly and therefore becomes less efficient.
Our tip: Use power strips with an off button to limit electricity consumption.