Heartwarming moment grandparents reunited with grandkids after three years due to Covid restrictions

  • last year
This is the heartwarming moment grandparents were reunited with their grandkids after three years apart due to Covid restrictions. Footage captured the moment the surprise reunion took place, bringing the family back together. It shows grandparents Johnny, 74, and Elizabeth, 68, who live in Toronto, Canada, as they are surprised by their grandchildren. Parents Nate and Anju and their three children drove 16 hours from Arkansas, USA, across the border into Canada. Both grandparents were immunocompromised, meaning they couldn't have any contact with their family, during most of the pandemic. The family also experienced various difficulties that included "home displacement, job layoffs and financial hardships." The border regulations between Canada and the United States also proved to be a constant headache when wanting to see each other. The footage was captured on December 14.