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William Branham: Visions and Visitations

When William Branham altered his stage persona from a non-angelic vision to include the alleged 1946 or 1947 commission by an angelic encounter, several consistency errors were created. Some claims were easily re-worked by combining them, but others were mutually exclusive and could not be combined.

In 1962, for example, he claimed that he could not understand his spirit guide’s language the first time they met, which he claimed to have happened at age twenty. In the same sermon, Branham realized his conflicting story, and admitted that he did understand the language, and had talked with the spirit guide at an earlier age than twenty, but just could not understand spiritual things. Yet he had already claimed that his spirit guide spoke to him when he was fifteen months old, and he did understand the language. Apparently, his fifteen-month-old persona had more spiritual insight than his twenty-year-old persona.

In some versions of his stage persona, Branham claimed his visitation and gift came after his 1941 marriage to Meda Broy, and he understood the language by receiving the “signs of Moses”.

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